Segregated Account Management

We offer individually-tailored investment portfolios for clients with $50,000.00 or more to invest. Segregated client accounts are invested directly in individual securities rather than in units of pooled funds. The advantages of segregated account management include enhanced flexibility, tax efficiency, and portability of assets.

A key advantage of segregated account management is the ability to customize client portfolios. Individual portfolios may be tailored to limit exposure to a particular sector or individual company.

While our primary goal is to achieve superior investment returns for our clients, a secondary objective is tax efficiency. Segregated account management allows clients to retain their own cost basis on individual securities, which means capital gains and losses may be realized as dictated by an individual investor’s unique circumstances.

The management fee structure for segregated accounts is based on a declining scale as follows:

  • 45% on assets of $ 50,000.00;
  • 43.10% on assets between $ 50,500.00 and $200,000.00
  • 40.3% on assets between $ 200,500.00 and $500,000.00; and,
  • 35.15% on assets greater than $500,000.00.


In addition to the above-noted management fees, the client will incur custody fees of approximately 0.92% of invested assets and 7.50% VAT on ROI (Return on Investment).