Corporate Philosophy

Maintaining good business practices that respect ethical standards is a key part of our philosophy. We base our service concept on four core principles:

  1. Offering the most competitive, straightforward and simple investments to our investors.
  2. Operating with full transparency in everything we do, from the way in which we present our company to potential investors to our mode of operation.
  3. Keeping consistent profit for investors, thereby increasing the investment ROI as market situation arises.
  4. Calling only those investors that request to be called. By using skillful marketing strategies, we know how to approach prospective investors while always respecting their rights to privacy. 


Innovation, Flexibility, and Excellence: these are the prevailing principles that underlay the framework for IBR-Global Markets Ltd philosophy. With a commitment to these values, IBR-Global Markets Ltd has emerged as a pioneering firm in the industry offering exceptional solutions for investors.

Philosophy of Transparency

Transparent Investment Feed

Transparent Historical Data

Transparent Liquidity

Transparent choice of Brokers

Transparency in regards to externally managed accounts

Transparent Instant Reporting