CEO`s Message

Dear Investors,

The future will only be as good as we build it now.

At IBR-Global Markets Ltd, we have good vision and a handful of the best team mates with strong motivation. We move ahead. We spent half a decade building up the company, navigating through some economic landscapes and regulations to build up a strong global team with different financial strategies.

IBR-Global Markets Ltd is synonymous with service excellence and innovation, having gained recognition in the financial industry by building up investor’s portfolio above their expectations.

I’m also proud of these other achievements over the past few years:

(1.) The company claimed the stake as one of the first 3 FX portfolio managers in Nigeria

(2.) We gained both national and international recognitions as a reliable FX portfolio manager with good back test trading strategies and results

(3.) We attract the best people and also create an environment where they can reach their full potentials


With your unceasing support, we will continue to build on trust, delivering transparency, integrity, competency and innovation. We will continue to create new developments and offerings, and I believe, IBR-Global Markets Ltd is all about building the financial future.

Ibrahim O. OYENIYI

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


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